Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Longies Pattern for Knitters

Photo by Doodlebug Photography, Pants made with Treliske organic wool yarn
When my second daughter was a baby, I was so enamored with wool longies that I taught myself to knit in order to make these. Click here for the free pattern from tiny bird organics.

I thought the organic wool recommended was a bit pricey, being imported from New Zealand, which is famous for their merino sheep- the softest wool there is. After searching a bit, I found another source here in the US. Marr Haven Wool Farm, although not certified organic, raises sheep organically and uses no chemicals in the wool processing. A 1 lb. sport weight cone of their merino-rambouillet sheep's wool is $34 and is enough to make 2 pairs of longies with some left over. I only made 1 pair, plus a hat for my husband and several crocheted baby socks, and I still have about half a cone left. This wool is creamy soft, with the natural lanolin still present. I found the natural (an off-white color) to be a bit softer than the gray.

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