Saturday, June 20, 2009

Newborn Pocket Diaper

These newborn fitted diapers have a scoop in the front for the umbilical stump. They were pretty easy to make, although I left out the elastic in the back, which I didn't think was necessary, especially if you use something stretchy like jersey. The one one the right is made entirely of jersey knit, but for the one on the left I used jersey for the inside and flannel on the outside. The overcast stitches along the front where the opening is for the pockets was a bit tricky, since I didn't have a serger, but doable. For the inserts: the one on the left is made with two pieces of flannel that can be folded into fourths, and the one on the right has a preemie prefold inside. Both diapers have held up well, but take longer to dry along the legs where the elastic gathers are, than prefold or flat diapers. The pattern is available for free in pdf format from The Nappy Network. This is the Shar's Newborn with Umbilical Scoop pattern.


  1. nice! yes i think the elastic for the newborn girls diaper covers is what makes it comfortable for newborns...

  2. Great diapers! Love me the handmade cloth diapers...